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    Decoration tips

    Flower Color – Arrangement Tips

    Flowers not only attract pollinators. Duly arranged in a bouquet, they also attract attention, if colors involved are mixed in a right, tricky way. Use a color wheel, if you are not sure which colors you should choose for your arrangement. Such color wheel contains all rainbow colors that are…

    Easy Way to Create Flower Arrangements

    There are a lot of possibilities to arrange your favorite flowers. Using our simple tricks and your own hands, you can make fascinating arrangements and big bouquets which even appear more beautiful. Mother Nature, kitchen and your garden will inspire you with ideas and advantageous accessories. …

    Top 8 Autumn Flowers

    Sunflowers make excellent cut flowers and many are attractive to bees and birds. Nowadays, there is a huge range of them available on market, including short-stemmed varieties with small flower-heads which are especially suited for arrangements that should remind of summer days.

    Top 8 Winter Flowers

    This flower produces showy red, pink or white (and even mixed) flowers and is best suited for single flower arrangements. A smart accessory would highlight its noble character. One single stem is solid enough to normally bear two to five blossoms.

    The Christmas garden

    The pre-Christmas season is the time for lights, scents and hot treats. Who can resist a delightful evening stroll past festively decorated homes and gardens? It goes without saying that your garden must be one of them. However, unfortunately for many garden owners, creativity extends only to …

    Leaves, Herbs and Co. – Flowers Accessories

    Surely it’s flowers that play the main role in every bouquet. Nevertheless, its accessories are also an essential part of it. Quietly, they subordinate themselves, but always set optical and fragrant highlights and make a bouquet appear bigger. To make it short, leaves and herbs are absolutely in…