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    Plant and careinstructions

    Summer Flowering Wonder: Dahlia

    Dahlias offer a wide range of flower types, often with double forms in numerous colors. They are invaluable for the summer border, in patio containers or as cut flowers, often flowering until the first frosts.

    The Balcony-Hit: Pelargonium

    Pelargonium, commonly known as geraniums, is available in two forms – upright and trailing. Trailing pelargoniums are often used in hanging baskets or windowsill boxes. These balcony plants producing flowers in all shades of mauve, pink, purple or white are grown for either outdoor or indoor disp…

    Tips for Growing Roses

    Vigorously growing, well flowering roses can make every gardener proud. To ensure that roses feel comfortable in your garden throughout the whole year, just follow these instructions.

    Perennials Care Guide

    Perennials provide another dimension to gardening: they add beauty and set additional highlights in it. They offer numerous variations in colors and forms like no other plants do! That´s why it´s not surprising that they are so popular among garden owners!

    All You Need to Know About Box

    The evergreen box tree with its small oval leaves has always been eagerly grown as a hedge or sculpture plant (even in antiquity). Not without a reason: it keeps its even shape for quite a long time due to its slow growth and very dense habit. Thus, columns, obelisks, balls and even animal sha…

    Tropical flowers on the windowsill

    It is hard to imagine the winter windowsill without orchids. At this time of the year in particular, there is a large variety of types available to enhance the scene, which is otherwise dominated throughout the year by colourful Phalaenopsis cultivars.

    Timeless Favorites: Cyclamen

    There is no chance for in-between – most of us love them, the rest of us – doesn´t – Cyclamen! Most of its varieties are native to Mediterranean region. We will tell you about specie that can be found in parts of Europe outside the Mediterranean area – the Persian cyclamen.

    Spring Lawn Care

    Due to its diverse functions, lawn is one of our favorites in the garden. However, once the last snow has melt, you will want to burst into tears as you inspect it. If you implement the following tricks, you will be able to rapidly whip it into shape again.

    Preparing Your Garden for Winter

    There are still some garden works to be done in fall, before you can put your garden to bed for the winter. Normally, after harvesting, the season of cleaning up, cutting back and covering up begins. Take care to check that there are no dead leaves on the lawn left for the whole winter. Rake …

    Fruit Tree Planting Guide

    Harvesting delicious fruits in your own garden could be something special. Pears, apples, plums, cherries, peaches and many others – sounds delicious, doesn´t it? If you manage to correctly plant a young tree in fall, you might be able to harvest its first fruits in summer already.

    Bulbs and Co.

    There is nothing like planting flowers and watching them flourish unfailingly even more every year. Flowering bulbs make it possible!

    Early-Season Magic – Magnolia

    When there are only slightest signs of spring and most plants still hide their green, Magnolia’s huge, gorgeous flowers already show their color vividly! This decorative tree blossoms before the first green leaves appear and promise us the warmth of the first sun rays. The color range of mode…

    About Rhododendrons

    Rhododendrons are grown for their spectacular flowers vigorously borne in spring. The genus is rich in varieties and flower colors, as well. Nowadays, round 1.000 varieties are known. Most of them are alpine varieties, so they are also hardy to USDA zone typical for our region.