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Apricot ‘Luizet’
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    Apricot ‘Luizet’

    Prunus armeniaca 'Luizet'

    Diese Pflanze ist essbar.

    Flower: Apricot 'Luizet' produces numerous light pink fragrant flowers from March to April.

    Fruit: Its yellow fruits can be harvested in End July already.

    Foliage: Apricot 'Luizet' is a deciduous plant. Prunus armeniaca 'Luizet' produces medium green leaves.

    Habit: Prunus armeniaca 'Luizet' an average height of 6 – 10 m and a spread of 6 – 8 m breit.

    Water: Apricot 'Luizet' needs to be watered regularly.

    Location: Prefers any location with full sun This is a frost resistant plant. Soil demands: well-drained, rich in nutrients.

    Hardiness: This plant is hardy.

    Use: E.g. as ornamental tree

    Worth knowing: Prunus armeniaca 'Luizet', commonly called Apricot 'Luizet', is native to North China.

    Planting: Spring and Autumn are the best time for carrying out planting procedure. The planting hole should be twice as large as the root-ball of the plant in question. Remove the pot, place the plant into the planting hole and backfill it with fertile soil, firm gently and water properly.

    Care: The Apricot 'Luizet' is quite easy to care for. To keep your Apricot 'Luizet' looking good and in the best of health, follow our expert´s advice: * Make sure you prune this shrub only slightly: just remove all shoots that grow too close to each other. * Fruit trees planted in Spring should be watered properly all summer long, whereas fruit trees having been grown in your garden for two or more years – only during the dry period.

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