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Professional substrates

Our high-grade range of substrates satisfies virtually every customer’s needs. In the meantime, however, the requirements and technical circumstances of numerous crops are frequently just as special and unique as the great variety found in the horticultural industry. For this reason Floragard offers mutual cooperation with our substrate field experts and the Technical Department of Horticulture. The purpose is to work on crops, growing methods, technical equipment and climatic conditions of the horticultural business and to develop individually tailored special substrates. To determine the optimal recipe for your substrates with regard to the composition, structure, fertilization and pH-value, there are numerous possibilities. On the following pages you will find out more about the different organic and mineral constituents utilised by us, in addition to differently extracted and processed peat qualities and their place of origin. You will also find information on coir materials and different forms of clay. In combination with the substrate structure, which has been aligned to the substrate processing and the kind of vessels, the constituents provide the foundation for your substrate, offering specific physical, biological and chemical properties in accordance with your requirements.
Additives are the final tesserae on the road towards the perfect substrate such as, e.g. Instant Plus®, which improves water absorption, calcium carbonate for adjusting the pH-value, and a great variety of different mineral or organic fertilizers with a starting or slow release effect.
More than 4000 different substrate recipes in the Floraexpert database reflect almost 100 years of experience and our aspiration to offer the optimal solution for each substrate user.

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