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BestGreen goes Bio

Wednesday, 18. October 2017

At the beginning of the season 2018, Floragard will implement two new products to expand its range: The BestGreen Bio Potting Soil and the BestGreen Bio Potting Soil for Tomatoes and Vegetables. The peat-reduced BestGreen Bio Potting Soil in 40-litre bags is an allround-soil for organic gardening. The well-balanced composition of selected peat, green waste, ecological wood fibre and an organic and organic-mineral fertilizer is adjusted perfectly to the needs of your plants.  Valuable peat qualities provide a good water holding capacity of the soil and facilitate the water supply.
Compost contributes to the nutrient supply of the plants and vitalizes the soil. Ecological wood fibre improves the air capacity and water supply of the soil and  therewith supports an ideal root development of the plants. The top quality bio-fertilizer benefits a healthy plant growth – a perfect base for a natural blossom and rich harvest.

The BestGreen Bio Potting Soil for Tomatoes and Vegetables is packed in an attractive 25-litre solid bale. It can be placed in the entry area or nearby the plants so that the specialized Bio Potting Soil can be taken by one single movement into the shopping trolley.  Besides, it captivates due to a top-quality peat-reduced formula and is suited as well for potting tomatoes, pepper, chili and other vegetable crops.