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We research for your success

Research and development are important foundations for success and advancement in the green market. Our state-of-the-art equipped central laboratory and the 600 square metres Floragard experimental greenhouse provide the important basis for this. Intensive cooperation with external research institutes rounds off the comprehensive research activities. All raw materials and ingredients required for the manufacturing of substrates and soils are subjected to extensive application tests at Floragard. In this manner, the chemical, biological and physical parameters as well as the plant cultivation suitability of the ingredients, in particular, is examined. Only once 100% suitability has been confirmed, these ingredients are released for use in a recipe.

Tests with regard to water absorption, capillarity, dehydration, nutrient content and re-hydration of aggregates and final products, as well as the so-called China cabbage test are merely some of the inspections that are continually performed. The consistent quality of the substrates and soils can only be ensured by uninterrupted monitoring of the parameters. The goal of our comprehensive endeavours is to guarantee the highest degree of crop safety for the users.

Numerous new products and recipe changes have been developed in the Floragard facilities in the course of the last years. Here we gain important stimuli not only from our customers both domestically and abroad, as the specialised Floragard field service employees, with their extensive experience, also continually contribute ideas and insights gained in their daily work.

We would not be able to constantly adapt our products to the rising requirements or the changed culture and irrigation systems without these suggestions. Thanks to the ideal combination of own research and the permanent contact to applicants, Floragard is able to develop innovations for both professional and hobby horticulturists.


The RAL Seal of Approval

Our professional customers demand high-quality service and reliable product quality at the highest level. Among others, the consistent high quality is monitored by the Gütegemeinschaft Substrate für Pflanzen e. V. (Quality Assurance Association Growing Media for Plant Cultivation). The umbrella organisation is the RAL Deutsche Institut für Gütesicherung und Kennzeichnung (German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification e. V.). Here the institute intensively investigates substrates for plants and continually studies the substrates’ chemical, physical and biological properties. A company is only awarded the RAL seal of approval subsequent to the successfully concluded approval procedure, and following this, it is constantly monitored.

In this regard, the quality assurance does not only include the quality control of the finished substrates, but also continually inspects the basic materials and additives received. The consistent high quality provides a foundation for crop safety and the commercial success of your company – secured by Floragard and the Gütegemeinschaft Substrate für Pflanzen e. V. (Quality Assurance Association Growing Media for Plant Cultivation) under the umbrella of the RAL.