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Nature and Environment Protection

A valuable raw material in responsible hands

More than 90% of Germany’s peat deposits are found in Lower Saxony, the home of Floragard. Therefore intact moorlands are under severe nature conservation and are not drained or used for peat extraction. Only those surfaces are available which have already been drained many decades ago within the context of housing development programmes and agricultural measures, in the form of pastures or arable land. Peat cutting permissions for these drained areas are also only granted by authorities following careful scrutiny. Thus only approx. 1 % of these surfaces are available for active peat harvesting. Floragard Vertriebs-GmbH für Gartenbau supports these measures without restrictions and, in addition to this, is also committed to measures revolving around the renaturation of the harvested peat deposits.

Renaturation is our promise

Restoring the landscape to its original form – this is the spirit of responsibility lived in practice by Floragard in northern Germany. Following the harvest, the peat deposit areas are not left to lie fallow. Rather, within the context of the Lower Saxony peat conservation projects, these areas are rewetted once again. The objective of this rewetting is a so-called renaturation of the surfaces, by means of which they regain their original vegetation and can be developed into moor areas once more. The success of this responsible approach is also reflected in the fact that the former peat deposit areas which have been renaturated by Floragard have already been declared nature conservation areas. This commitment and the methods involved in this regard, can be seen, among others, in the nature conservation information centre Goldenstedter Moor by Vechta.



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