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Peat extraction sites are RPP-certified

Thursday, 11. May 2017

Year to date, the Floragard shareholder Moorkultur Ramsloh is officially authorized to refer to responsibly produced peat. The associated factory of Floragard obtained certificates of RPP for all of their peat extraction areas located in the ‘Esterweger Dose’ – an area with more than 450 ha. Likewise, the Strenge-group obtained certificates of the RPP in the Baltic countries containing over 795 ha of extraction sites.

Since 2010, the certification system ‘Responsibly Produced Peat’, short RPP, is established in consultation with the peat and substrates industry just as environmental organisations within the context of the national biodiversity strategy in the Netherlands. The commerce and horticulture receive with the RPP certificate a convincing verification that the peat is extracted responsibly with a minimization of environmental impacts. “Critical markets are able to recognize that we as producers of peat and substrates fulfil our ecological responsability regarding nature and climate protection,” said Silke Kumar of the factory Moorkultur Ramsloh regarding the successful certification.